Sunday, 3 November 2013

Let's just say i'm sorry?

 I'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, is that enough? lol 
I've had a lot to do this past weeks, that i've neither had enough time for myself nor my blog. I honestly apologise and i promise to be more consistent (by God's grace) 

Half way through my study  time yesterday, i stumbled on this multi-media personality that has seemed to have gotten a lot of attention recently. What i particularly couldn't understand was why there was so much 'hate' or 'dislike' for her. And as i'm particularly inquisitive, and i love to analyse and rationalise situations, I honestly went from 305 belittling & insultive comments to many more interviews & blog articles just so i really understand the problem.

I will share one thing that stood out to me, and it was the need to constantly pray for the grace to constructively criticise situations as opposed to condemning people. I found that what we often fail to realise is that these people are humans too, they have feelings and are capable of making mistakes. And we often find it very easy to be judgemental, condemn, not forgive and bring down other people but find it so easy to pray for God's forgiveness and favour before men. Simply understand this, God is no respecter of persons, he respects principles. The measure of mercy you give is what you get. Finding it easy to sit by gossip blogs insulting and possibly leaking these people's secrets but praying later for up-liftment and promotion don't correlate. When next you ask God for mercy, be sure you're being merciful to others in words & acts and tolerating their shortcomings.

Lots of love
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx 
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  1. Hi..I need to know where you got your jacket from.Pls and thank you!! Xxx

    1. Hey, that's fine, i should have put it up!
      It was one of those gems from Primark, i'm not sure if it's still available though x

  2. Thanks a lot!Your fashion sense is amazing...just wanted to let you know