Sunday, 22 February 2015

Arnold & Ragani !

Guess who we're having on the blog today?
Yes you guessed right, mr fashionionista himself (Arnold) and my gorgeous sexy ragzzy!!

Regardless of how much i love to dress up & look good (and i love to), 
When i have a 9am, i will be in my sweatshirt, snapback and joggers and i would care-less. It is now that you can understand why i duff my hat to Arnold, who never has bad fashion days. I mean, we both have the same excuse of living almost 55mins from uni, but he always manages to be dapper all of the time. 
 His style is somewhat btw formal and smart casual. I like that he knows exactly what suits him and he always goes for it. I doubt that he experiments very much.

Ragzzy!! on the other hand is the type of girl to wear gym clothes for lectures (because duh! she's going to the gym after lectures) but dress to kill on a night out. Invite her for any event outside of the lecture halls and you're sure to see a side of her you never knew existed. Her style is very conservative, elegant, classy and chic. Exactly how a lady should be! 
I love me some ragani!
(That last part is so i don't get beaten for not professing my love haha)

In all, i love both their styles and be sure to follow them on Instagram for more eye-candy. Don't say i kept this good to myself.

Hope you enjoyed reading and looking through the pictures?
Let me know if you want more features like this.

Lots of Love
The Aspiring sartorialist x
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