Monday, 16 December 2013

All white again?

 Forgive me in advance for the quality.

But who's tired of the all white outfits? definently not me. Arguably, it's out of trend, but it undoubtedly stays defining class. I'd say when in doubt, wear all white. 

  Trousers: Zara || Vest: some random store in Notthigham || Bag: Dorothy Pekins Coat: Burlington

I decided to put up these pictures despite my initial concerns about the quality, because it was more important to share what was on my mind.

Many a times to re-gain one's peace, we need not new facts rather gentle reminders of the already known. Someone randomly texted me this afternoon, talking about a random quote she read & liked and would want me to blog about. It says
When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty, trust him fully 'cause two things can happen. He will either catch you when you fall or he'll teach you how to fly.
This concept is central to everything in life, those small milestones, that big problem, that small decision you're contemplating or even huge real life problems.
You never go wrong trusting God, it's either he uses the experiences to mould you into who you will need to be or he catches you right before you make big mistakes you'd live to regret. And if he's not caught you yet, best believe it's the means to a glorified end. Not an end in it-self.

God Inspired.
Lots & Lots of Love
The Aspiring Sartorialist xx
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