Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hello Spring (2)

                  Whites, pastels, a bit of sunshine, heyy it's officially spring! :)) 
       Top: Zara || Trousers: Warehouse, similar here and here || Shoes: Zara || Necklace here & here || Watch: Marc Jacobs

 I'm so impressed by how well the white pants pairs with my subtle multicoloured blouse from Zara. 
I can't help but be obsessed with everything Zara. Tad bit expensive in comparison to other high street stores, yes! but for the quality, arguably, similar to high end stores, it's almost a bargain. Think about it.
With the shoes, i know its not everyone's cup of tea (i sound so Patricia bright right now lol) but i love it!! and it's become a staple in my wardrobe.

Let's get philosophical…
I rarely ever give much thought to passing judgments on others because i have one too many specks in my eye that i'm trying to correct. I do loosely throw around the words "hah i've judged you" every now and then but i won't even remember what you did 3 days down the line. Now whats the point of saying all these? During an extensive convo with my Godson (whom i love too dearly btw) he raised the issue of how very often the people we judge already judge & condemn themselves. Sometimes all we need do is listen, care and be that extra help to lift them up.

Friday, 6 March 2015

New; that's how i feel

Top: similar here || Skirt: Zara, but similar here and here || Watch: Marc Jacobs || Coat: Zara, but similar here || 

Hey beauts!
How are y'all doing?? I've missed you! p.s- i just peeped my blogviews, y'all amazing or what? lol :)

This outfit was inspired by Solange knowle's outfit to the paris fashion show two night ago (a red faux fur coat & red skirt). On seeing that, I knew i was ready to rock my red Zara skirt. I've had it for a year now and it still fits like a glove. Proof that i shouldn't be worrying about my weight? i'd like to think so :).

The past two weeks have been an inner tug-of-war between God and I. And it's funny because as i was done with it, i began to wonder how i thought i could win. It's amazing the peace & bliss i feel when i finally said "you know what, Jesus take the wheels, I'm no longer trying to have it my way, i want yours, but please make it worthwhile" and you know what's interesting, the things i thought i wanted were either no good or not good enough.
There is a reason we will never be able to see past our own analysis of things and events, and it's the reason we need to trust God who sees now and the future we can't visualise. God has never ignored the fact that trusting is hard, especially why he says all we need is that mustard seed sized faith. 
Please dare to trust again!

                             Pictures by the talented Leke ||Instagram: gbemilekeh

I love you.
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