Sunday, 28 July 2013

It's all in the mind

I hate to always sound like a preacher, i'm not even worthy to. 
But last week for me was a paradigm shift. Let me explain. Is anyone like me reading this ; always too quick to label people. we've only met someone a couple of times, and we can already tell whether we're interested in being friends with them or not?  or by speaking to someone once, their mannerism etc give us imaginary ideas of what we think they are going to be like, and this forms the basis of our perception?
         Last week i had to meet three different people i had initially wrongly labelled, and it was an eye opener at how wrong my classifications could be. Not only were they really nice people but i even had so much to learn from them. 
  I won't claim that i get things right all the time, but what's important is atleast i'm putting effort towards perfection. And trying to stop labelling people too quickly, keeping an open mind is definitely one of those baby steps.
      Have a great week guys, and be sure to keep your mind open this week, meet new and very different people from yourself. You'd be surprised at how much you could learn :)x

Top & Hat: H&M || Skirt: River Island ||Accessories: River Island

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The Aspiring Sartorialist

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Like a Lady

Hey guys,
Hope you're all enjoying the heatwave? I definitely am. I was going for dinner on Monday, and as much as i intentionally didn't want to be overly dressed, i still wanted to look chic and nice. so i finally wore for the first time this dress i had 'mistakenly' gotten from peacocks last year but never really liked, so never wore. but hey! i think i like it now.

P.s- that was non alcoholic wine.
i'm listening to a sermon now,i don't need anymore Lool

Dress: Peacocks || Belt: Next || Sunglasses: Topshop || Shoes: Select || Other accessories: River Island

It was in Afriteo, the first African restaurant down here. The food was delicious to say the least. Make sure to try them out and thank me later ;) Xx

Monday, 15 July 2013

First food & Lifestyle Post

It's 4:09 am and i'm still wide awake as i had slept throughout the train journey back from London this night. So bored i thought to blog about the experience. I really would have had a lot more pictures, but my brother was just thoroughly embarrassed that i had to take pictures of everything, from the hotel to food & other 'insignificant things' as he would put it. Fair point there but it was funny to embarrass him for a while, but as you can guess i had to stop later. I wonder how other bloggers do it lol
                  P.s if you're in London and need a very good hotel, i recommend "Pestana Chelsea bridge Hotel & Spa" one of the best I've stayed in yet. It has the same rating as the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel (Tower of London) and 'The Ritz London', if that says anything.
And the Good Earth Chinese restaurant in knightsbridge which was roughly 10 mins away from the hotel had the tastiest Chinese food I've had in a while. But then again, maybe it's because i'm used to the below average ones in my town.
Also, it was my first time seeing the Chelsea bridge at night. Now I know you're thinking, really?? but yeah, and it was a beautiful sight to say the least.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Wine Prints & The Hat.

Enjoy looking at the pictures, but it's even more important to read the story at the end. :)

Trousers: Zara || Top, Hat & Cardigan: H&M || Bag: Charles & Keith || Shoes: Dorothy Pekins || All other accessories: River Island

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Quick update

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Monday, 8 July 2013

You all are awesome!!

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Thank God and thank you all for your warm compliments, advise, support and love, keep them coming, you all are definitely making it much better than i ever anticipated.

      "Dare to wear those really vibrant colours this summer"

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The Aspiring Sartorialist.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Tribal Affair

Hey guys!
Hope you're well and having a good week?
Absolutely no long stories today. It is one of those perfect days when i randomly select an outfit, and without much hassle i liked it immediately and it sat on perfectly. And hello! few things are better than vibrant colours in July. When i was done dressing up, i picked up what has become one of my favorite scarfs, tied a few knots, and it made the outfit look more tribal. But to be honest, i did deliberately add the loop earrings and a few bangles to complete the whole tribal feel.
 Bless easy days like this! :)

"...we live for the easy days of summer"


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