Hope you all had a good weekend? considering how much i lamented in my previous post (here) about having to study all week to get my weekend off, it was well worth it! :)

I have exciting news ..there's going to be another column on the blog and it's going to be on men's fashion, style & and generally all things men. I've been researching & reading a lot about men's fashion since the idea was first suggested to me and i intend on making this column as exciting & informative as possible. And as you can already guess, as stable & updated as the women's.

Whoop!! we're starting off the column with an outfit styled by Ricardo Felgueiras, the founder of TMRK. I like the jacket & i particularly love the way he's styled this outfit. It's well layered and it gives the impression/come off as effortlessly casual although it's obviously smart/formal.

In plain terms, TMRK is a platform based in the South west England to showcase all the up and coming talents in art, fashion & Music. I'm honestly impressed by the progress they've been able to make so far and far more excited for what's to come, especially in the fashion aspect of it.

I leave no doubts.
You can check out the website here Tmrk "
 Facebook:  TM-RK 
     and Twitter: @T_MR_K 
for more information.

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Lots & Lots of Love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx