Thursday, 23 January 2014

Why i blog the way i do.

It's not enough to look at the pictures alone (although my blogview is still increasing lol), it's more important to me, that you're reading the text below :-)

Vest: Zara || Top: Zara || Fur gilet: Miss Self fridge || Bag:Aldo || Necklace: H&M || Trousers: Topshop

How happy are you that i have literally nothing "i'm learning" to blab about this week? I've had a stressful week, i can't emphasis it enough, living in the library is no fun. Already? yes already. With more modules now than i've ever taken, one qualification exam, applications, etc I honestly hate my schedule. I'm trying to find a less stressful way of living through it. So, for now please bear with my inconsistency.

 Someone asked me about the idea/concept behind my blog and it occurred to me that i've not even written about it. You see, i love the whole blogging concept that more than half the people my age are suddenly starting to embrace, but that's not just it. For me, i don't want to come on here and tell you about what i'm wearing alone and where it's from and blab a little more about how perfect my world is, you already get that everywhere. Instead, i hope to you i'm someone you can relate to. I share my experiences, inspirations, all i'm learning, faith etc, and all that stuff no one is really talking about and i'm hoping atleast one person reading it is inspired. I want you to read my posts and be pushed further in your steps to knowing God. I want that every time you come on here, you're excited because you know there will be something new to learn. I've said this before but just incase this is the first post you're reading, i'll say it again, i'm no preacher, i'm not worthy to unbuckle those straps. I share not only things i'm good that, but a lot of those things i'm struggling to be perfect at. He told me how he found those inspirations interesting and very helpful. It was then i became more convinced it was really all i wanted.  Don't get me wrong, my blog is still a way of channelling those fashion ideas and inspirations but with that little bit extra, which is equally important.

With regards to suggestions on having a gossip column, thank you, i honestly appreciate the ideas but as tempting as that sounds, for now i really don't see myself doing that.

And I should thank you for viewing, i just peeped my views and it's 14, 873views. I honestly hoped for 10,000views in a year, and it's just been 7 months.
Thank you for finding reasons to come back :-)

Lots & Lots of love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist xx

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year!!
 Lol i know. How very appropriate? as it's already 12 days into the year. 
I awkwardly realised yesterday that although i thanked the whole Twitter, Instagram & Facebook world (during the christmas & New year) for their blog support, i actually forgot to write it where it was most important. I love you guys the most and it's the heart that matters, so here's me wishing you all an amazing and prosperous year (By God's grace)

Top:  H & M || Skirt: H & M, Similar here on Asos || Coat: Zara || Necklace: Zara || Bag: Random store in Jerusalem || Shoes: My