Sunday, 30 June 2013

Special Edition

Hey guys, hope you're all having a great weekend? Today's post is quite different as we're featuring men! :) 
Let me explain. On my way to church today, i severally had the intuition to take along my camera, but i kept dismissing the thought simply because my arms are honestly getting muscular from the heavy weight of my bag, i didn't need additional weight today. on getting to church, during the "brothers and sisters, go around, shake and welcome everyone" time (if you go to a black church, you will probably understand what i mean better..Lool) an uncle walked up to me to explain how he had come across my blog, he encouraged me and said chike was looking good, i should probably let him model his outfit for my blog. 
Yikes!! good idea, i jumped at the opportunity, and decided to take his pictures along with Femi's after the service. Chike's suit was well fitted, perfect to be precise and  he looked rather dapper and i thought Femi was on trend with his all white outfit especially how effortlessly he pulled off the casual cool look. The down part? i hadn't brought my camera, so i had to use my I Phone. The pictures honestly do no justice atall to how good they both looked,and worse even, it's not a particularly picturesque surrounding. But i promise to endure the weight of my camera next time just to bring you better pictures :)  who's checking out my muscles anyways? ;)

P.s - Moral of the story -Always follow your intuitions, more than half the time God is probably using them to lead you.

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Lots of Love
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx


  1. They both look great, nice work Tos, well done