Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The beauty is in the wedges!

Hat:Topshop || Vest: Zara || Blazer: M&S || Shorts: Zara || Heels: Zara|| Watch: Marc Jacobs || Necklace: Aldo&Primark
(All the link will be uploaded later) 
                          (before you judge me, read the story below)

Hey beauties,
How are y'all doing? I've been so lazy lately, but i've made sure that hasn't interfered with the blog postings! :) 
Anyways i should also tell you the truth, i probably had the worst time ever shooting for these pictures. Firstly, the proposed location could not be used. As if it wasn't bad enough that we had to use a building by the road side, can you imagine that it was ant infested? GOSH! I think you already know how it ended, i danced for like 10minutes with those ants all up in my shoes and shorts. I decided to take a few pictures sitting on the car, and i was done for that day.
Worse still, i seldom like my pictures, but i didn't even like any from the shoot. Hence while i'm uploading only two pictures. lol now you have some behind-the-scenes of what bloggers go through.

I'm loving those wedges from Zara, although they are honestly super uncomfortable, might be worth getting in a size bigger than your usual size.The shorts from there as-well, is super comfortable, and have become my go-to this summer. My staple hat? i'm finding it very difficult to do-away with it for now, i'm sorry if you're bored of it already :(( 

Now Let's get philosophical..
I had the opportunity of visiting a local market yesterday and i enjoyed every minute of it. It was a surreal experience, so much energy, vibe and hustling. Giving up was a luxury most of the traders could not afford. They survive and live on less than what you have. We complain and want so much, but fail to realise that we have a lot we need to be grateful for. What else are you still complaining about? I want you to take a moment to say 'Thank you Lord for all i have' because you definitely have more than enough.