Thursday, 29 May 2014

Delos Bokwe!

To fundamentally begin by explaining how much i love getting inspired is my first step to beginning to sound like a scratched record. An avid reader of my blog will be able to attest to the fact that inspiration, is my pleasurable food. Now you know that it is with much pleasure that i present to you, 
Delos Bokwe

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Guess who's back!

Hey beautiful people,
Hope we all enjoyed the brief beautiful weather we had last week? if there's one thing you can count on from a british summer, it's rain. Strong winds and rain have made this coat good enough for warmth, but also light enough for the summer.  Aint nobody worried about the grey skies no more.

P.s- sorry for the pain my tummy has caused your eyes, i now know, not to pig out on good food before taking pictures .

Neckpiece: Zara || crop top: simliar here || Jeans: similar here  || shoes: New look|| Coat: H& M (Zara has a good one too, Here) || Cap: USC ||
Now lets get philosophical....
I'm so ashamed to retract my statement in the previous post (Here) but i will continue going all philosophical in my fashion posts. I was honestly just having a moment, but after much re-evaluation i've decided that feeling corny won't stop me. lol

During my get-aways, something quite surprising kept happening. I would have a stack load planned for each day, and my friends would remind me of the weather forecasts and whine about how impossible it was, especially if it was going to rain all day. With no genuine intention of being over-spiritual, i had on both occasions (in London & Plymouth) jokingly said, "i don't even care about the grey skies now, all i know is when i need to go out, the weather will be just right for me" and to our amazement, even though it would pour HEAVILY as we were dressing up to leave, the moment we hopped on the train, it would drizzle a little bit more, but when it was indeed time to do all we had planned, the sun would begin to shine.

Many a times, we set out motivated with goals, dreams etc, but let the first sight of challenge push us to give up on it's feasibility. Always remember that everything will try to stop you from starting, because once you get started, getting you to stop will be even more difficult. Stop giving challenges more power than they have, and start saying to yourself  "it doesn't matter what the predictions are, it doesn't even matter if others were not able to do this, once i step on that platform, impossible will be nothing"
Be Encouraged.

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Lots and lots of love
The Aspiring Sartorialist