Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bukky's day!

I feel so sleepy right now lol but I already promised to upload the pictures to Bukky's party in the post  "The Morning After"  but forgot to keep to my words. However, someone was kind enough to remind me in my last post, saying he/she was still waiting. Well, here you go, thanks for keeping up with the blog enough to have noticed and I hope it's worth your wait :)

(Birthday Girl!!)

1) Please don't expect awkward dancing pictures, 'cos i won't be putting those up
2) There was another professional who covered the event properly, these are just my own pictures of my friends & I

Haha.. debbie at work!

Trying to remember why we were so surprised

I was desperately trying not to laugh ..hence that face.


Like i said, they were ALOT!! more people at the party, but this album is majorly of my friends & I there.

Have a great evening :)
As for me, i'm off to bed.

Lots & Lots of Love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist  Xx


  1. 29.08.13 I looove!!!

    1. Haha, buks of life!!!! I'm so glad you do bubba :) Xx

  2. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this so much