Saturday, 7 September 2013

Live and let others live.

Hey guys,
I've missed!!! you. It really does feel like forever and a day more
First thing is that I'm sorry in advance, as this pictures were merely night shots and the colour changed with locations. Secondly, I've felt like i've had so much to say that I've only said little. I can't make it interesting or all fairytale, but it's worth the words still. I will put it down somehow.

Enjoy looking at the pictures now but it's even more important to read the story at the end :)

Sweater: Zara || Skirt: River Island || Shoes: Anne Michelle || Bag: A'gaci || Other accessories: Aldo & River Island

As i said, i have too much to say, but i will mention just one of them now.

 I've been observing a lot, and not to sugarcoat it, we all are hypocrites, in some way or form.Someone had said this on twitter some months back, and i'm not sure which i had detested more the person or that statement.
         But with the recent or not so recent miley case, recent backlash of this beautiful young mixed race girl on instagram (delilah johnson) and so much more i've observed, i'm now convinced it's just the truth. Before you crucify me, think for a moment, and can you honestly say this isn't true? 

We are always too quick to notice what another is doing wrong when we are far from perfect ourselves. I'm not here to preach and i wouldn't even attempt it simply because just like delilah johnson's case people with low self esteem will always be ready to hop on your slightest mistake to make themselves feel better.
I was talking to my friend and he gave a reasonable explanation, that the average person is angry and dissatisfied with their life and will jump at any opportunity to criticise another to make themselves feel better. 
  But let me tell you the plain truth, no one is ever fully satisfied with their life, always remember, people will always only show you the best of their lives. No one ever talks about the hidden fears and tears. our insecurities should not be  an excuse. How confident are we that we cannot make other people's mistakes? Our hypocritical judgements are only valid if we've walked their shoes and stories.
When i'm dis-satised with my flaws, i've learnt to instead use that time to work on them.
As at last week I could have sworn that Britpoprincess was the happiest person i knew, up untill her '50 random facts about me' video where she casually admitted to crying at least twice a week. If that means anything to you. 
I read a lot from that statement
In conclusion, remember, in the story of the adulterous woman, Jesus did not say 'Let he who has never committed adultery be the first to cast a stone'  What he said was 'Let he without sin' (John 8:7). In simple terms, it means, you & i have no moral justification to condemn another simply because even if we are righteous in the aspect they get wrong, we have other areas we're lacking in.
If you're not convinced, that's fine, but don't forget that the measure of judgement you dish out to others will be what you will get. In dealing with others, It's important to always temper justice with mercy.

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Lots of love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx 

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