Monday, 6 October 2014

Finally culottes! never say never!

        *The top appears abit different in the 1st & 3rd picture, but it's more of this in reality
             Culottes: similar here || Top: similar here , here and here ||

I was one of those who had  shamelessly said all the right, wrong things about primark and unless it's socks & unimportant beddings, it's not really my ideal store to shop. But I was wrong. As i now live right in the middle of the shopping centre (ok i exaggerate abit, but close enough), i randomly on Tuesday strolled into primark as usual, to collect socks & tights, which would eventually get torn in another 2 weeks. I can't begin to explain to you the joy when i found this pair of culottes and blouse. The top not only looked good but felt good quality too, like something i would splurge on in topshop. I can't tell you how impressed i was. The culottes felt quite light, but hey! it's just 14pounds, you can't ask for too much lol. 
So here you go, my first primark outfit on the blog, and it's making its debut from head to toe (apart from my staple shoes of course). More of primark in the future maybe?

Let's get philosophical..
In the spirit of never saying never, wisdom is being careful about saying never. "i'd never do that.." "me? never! he/she is dumb for going about it that way.." "Never, i'd never do such.." Can you in all honestly be certain of your actions if you were in some else's shoes? Stop being overly vocal about situations you know nothing about/haven't had the opportunity to experience, least you start choking on your words. It's as much a lesson for you as it is for me. 

Have a great week beautiful x
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