Sunday, 4 August 2013

One of summer's best

This day was very casual, i had planned on seeing my friend later that evening, i only at last minute decided to take pictures before leaving.
   Let me share what has particularly stood out to me this week, it's the need for genuine gratitude to God. We can never really deserve life and the numerous opportunities we have been given, I learnt that even in the little things, we should show gratitude, it will open doors for greater blessings. Even when it seems like there are many things to complain about, believe me when i say, it might seem like God is losing a few battles but it's only to win the war. Be Grateful still.

Skirt: H&M || Accessories: River Island || Top: years ago, i think from some random store in Israel.

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Lots of Love,
The Aspiring Sartorilaist Xx