Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I get inspired easily. My blog name has only further given this off cheaply.
    I love seeing young people like myself moving beyond their comfort zone, doing whatever their hands find to do, and achieving greatness in their niche.  It's the reason i'm so excited to share this self-made young designer to you. Please meet Christian Ihuoma, the brain behind 'INSPIREDBYHS' 

     Apart from fact that he's hosted successful shows in major cities such as Colchester, Essex. Notthingham, Oxford and Manchester,  to add to his credit, he's also Gizmo's personal suit designer.
    HS, as he's commonly known, got most of his fashion design training from the very popular Nigerian fashion designer, Mister Silva. He further went ahead to start his label 'inspiredbyhs' here in England, where he schools, to majorly design suits & blazers for men.

I was impressed to find out that he also styled two nigerian artists, Bonafide crew and Ajebutter in their upcoming video for the song "Atide". One of the many reasons i can't wait for the video. 

     I actually first heard about him when one of my friends, Jide had designed & modelled his  camouflage blazer for the show in Essex. He had sent me the pictures and i remember loving the blazers. I was particularly impressed by the quality and overall finishing of all the blazers by HS.

     Most of all, I'm impressed that a young man as himself has had the courage to follow his dreams, carved a niche for himself, and is consistent & focused enough to have started a label himself and hosted successful shows.
     I really do not despise the days of small beginnings. If he continues at this rate, the sky would only be his starting point. Don't say i didn't say so.

Be inspired. Start small. Do whatever your hands find to do.
And remember to make God the starting point.

For Info/Booking contact hs: +447511497377
                                 Twitter :@simply_hs   OR
                                        Jide: +447565634106 
                                   Twitter :@jide_ibrahim
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