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Hey guys,
Hope you are all well? I've missed you and blogging in general. 
It's possible you might have noticed that i shied away from posting in the 'food and lifestyle' column on the blog. Well with little concerns now about my initial reservations, i've decided to make my second posting. The reason being that over the weekend my friend wanted to have a decent evening for her 20th and wanted me to recommend a restaurant . (I love how they trust my opinions on fashion, food, and lifestyle amongst other things lol)

And although i've had been to London severally, i found that i still couldn't recommend a top notch restaurant. I decided to search for blogs who had reviews or something of the sort, and i surprisingly found that very little blogs offered anything useful.
With that in mind, i've made up my mind to review hotels, restaurant and all things lifestyle that God would give me the grace to experience. From the really casual dine-in's to top notch restaurants, i offer to be the 'scape goat'. I will try all of them to give you good reviews.
 Let the exciting journey begin!! :)

Some weeks back i was in Manchester for the weekend, and i stayed in The renaissance Hotel. I will be honest with my review, although i thought it was expensive for just two-nights, one can argue that i booked it 2 nights before my stay which is not particularly efficient.
The staff were relatively very pleasant and friendly and my pictures do no justice to how picturesque the hotel is. It is very well decorated & furnished leaving the feeling of a modern museum. I loved all the wall frames & art, every single one of it.
If you're going on a medium budget holiday this hotel would definitely cut it.

The rooms were relatively large and quite spacious, very neat and well maintained. 
(As i went along with my prime lens, i really couldn't get much in the picture, sorry)

    (But in a way i couldn't explain, the bar and restaurant felt a lot more official than relaxing)

I should mention that it's located 15mins from the city center, and very close to the Piccadilly train station, shopping centre, manchester central and apparently manchester arena,  so in a good way it's quite a walking distance to all you will really need. (what you're spending on the hotel bills, you get to save on transporation lol)  Oh, and with the Hotel's free breakfast and eateries littered everywhere around, you won't be going hungry, that's a promise!

Let me chip this in,
I was so happy to have gotten to meet my friend, mama as i hadn't seen her in like 4 years? thereabout. It was amazing to find that she hadn't changed a bit. 
I won't deny the fact that i was expecting things to be abit awkward as i wasn't really sure what to expect, but to my utmost surprise, it wasn't even. We just clicked, and we had so much to talk about. After hours of talking, we still wanted to talk more lol
And i love that we still shared almost the same opinion and beliefs about almost everything.

Her personal style is amazing too. Did i also tell you she is that girl that beat me to the 'best baffer' (best dressed) in high school? Loool. Her style is unique in the sense that she knows & understands what works for her. I mean, who rocks their natural hair that way? and still looks that young and beautiful. 

(This was my outfit, see the full outfit post Here ) 

Hope you enjoyed that review?
Let me know what you would like me to include in my upcoming reviews, and other suggestions.

Lots & Lots of Love
The Aspiring Sartorialist xx
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It's 4:09 am and i'm still wide awake as i had slept throughout the train journey back from London this night. So bored i thought to blog about the experience. I really would have had a lot more pictures, but my brother was just thoroughly embarrassed that i had to take pictures of everything, from the hotel to food & other 'insignificant things' as he would put it. Fair point there but it was funny to embarrass him for a while, but as you can guess i had to stop later. I wonder how other bloggers do it lol
                  P.s if you're in London and need a very good hotel, i recommend "Pestana Chelsea bridge Hotel & Spa" one of the best I've stayed in yet. It has the same rating as the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel (Tower of London) and 'The Ritz London', if that says anything.
And the Good Earth Chinese restaurant in knightsbridge which was roughly 10 mins away from the hotel had the tastiest Chinese food I've had in a while. But then again, maybe it's because i'm used to the below average ones in my town.
Also, it was my first time seeing the Chelsea bridge at night. Now I know you're thinking, really?? but yeah, and it was a beautiful sight to say the least.

How beautiful is that bridge? P.s-i don't claim to have taken this picture of the bridge.

I thank God for a nice time in all.
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Lots & Lots of  Love
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx

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