Sunday, 22 June 2014

It's finally been a year! Thank God!

Top: Topshop Similar here || Trousers: River Island || shoes: Anne Michelle || scarf: H&M || Necklace: Zara || Watch: Marc Jacobs ||

Now lets get emotional…

I actually can't think of what more to express than gratitude to God. I'm Grateful for the strength in those weak moments, grateful for the grace to balance school and blog, grateful for all the beautiful viewers, yes you included :) Grateful for all the amazing people that shared this blog one way or the other,. I'm just grateful for this blog really. And to God, who has had to be everything to me one day at a time, its you i'm most grateful to.
Always Remember : We don't thank God because we're where we want to be, we thank God instead because we're far from where we first started.

Lots & Lots of Love
The Aspiring Sartorialist x
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Who says you have to be the best at something to do it?

My Favourite part about blogging has always been the ability to express the complexity of my individuality in varying outfit posts. We all have that one thing we get creative & passionate about  irrespective of the pay, morale received, etc. When you find yours, keep at it, no one is saying you have to be the best at it to do it.

I wanted to be as comfortable as the weather allowed, so i paired my favourite shirt with this double sided slitted skirt from Debenhams, and though i was freezing for a major part of the shoot, i really hope my mentioning it is the only evidence you have :) 

Hat: Topshop || Shirt: Republic (former USC) || Skirt: Debenhams || Shoes: Anne Michelle || Watch: Marc Jacob *I'll put up the links of similar items shortly

 Now let's get philosophical....
I now understand what David was saying to Michal in 2 Samuel 6:22. I think of it as, "When you submit/make light of yourself/serve God in-spite of the odds and criticisms, you will find favour in the sight of God and he'll lift you far above the on-lookers". 
You will not always look 'cool' serving God, some will in-fact find you pretentious, but you'll need to find the courage to serve God like he's all that matters. The people you're afraid might criticise you? the people that criticize you? are the people you really shouldn't be bothering about. Read my not-so recent article on dealing with criticisms on Bella naija here. I hope it helps you to not only launch out and live a life of purpose, but help you think lightly of whatever criticism(s) you're dealing/struggling with. 

Remember: Find a way to work for God faithfully, i.e with all your heart & might. Put him to test, and see if he wouldn't bless you.
I'm not special, if he did it for me, he's more than ready to do the-same for you.

Lots & Lots of Love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist.
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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Ripped jeans and white

There's something about wearing white, esp in spring/summer that looks fresh, clean, crisp and classy. I unconsciously find myself having at-least one white item to complete my recent looks.

 P.s- who knew bandana would find itself back in stores years after it was labelled "un-cool", i definitely couldn't resist the urge to buy this from the recent or not so recent River island collection.
I was having way too much fun with the colours lol
Hair tie: River island || Shirt: Bank fashion Out of stock, but similar here || Blazer: M&S || Jeans: old, but simiar here  || Sunglasses; Celine, similar here || 
Watch: Marc Jacobs, similar here: || Shoes : Similar here || Other accessories: River Island, H& M, etc 

Want to re-create this look? i've linked the stores above. And i couldn't find some of the items online, in which case, i've linked very similar items. Happy Shopping, thank me later :)

Now lets's get philosophical...
I took the time last week to actually analyse the Instagram pages of well, you can say the people i sort of admire, and yeah, i found myself having read through most of their comments, actually looking through the pages of their "haters"/ people who left hateful/spiteful comments.
I was amazed at how 90% of their critics were worse off, quite evidently at that, than the people in question. This is no looking down on anyone, and Instagram is one too small platform to judge anyone's life by, but the point however lies in this fact, you need to stop bothering about those who have the most to say about you. No one spends time talking about someone that doesn't intimidate/affect/influence them one way or the other. Easier to understand, let's use  this example, where are all of Toke's Makinwa's haters? Everyday new deal, contract, promotion, God literally shut them quiet himself. I tell you the truth, you need to find the strength to keep being who God wants you to be, and doing what you need to do, God will prepare that table before you in their presence. (see what i did there lol)
Be Encouraged.

God Inspired
Lots of love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist x

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