Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Those pants!


Pants: River island , another nice one here || Top: similar here, here || Purse: warehouse, similar here || Necklace: Zara || Watch: Marc jacobs

The beauty that is these pants! these pictures do it no justice. I'm sorry for the time off again, as usual, but thank you for always sticking around. I  can finally afford the consistency pill, but i will still need your prayers to make sure i remember to take it lol. But honestly, i have missed doing this and i'm very happy to be back. What have i missed? x

P.s- these pants are on sale in river island now, you're lucky you can bag that bargain i never got.

Let's get philosophical..
I've been catching up on the TV show- suits lately (talk about being late to the party) and i'm currently at the end of season four. You know that part where louise is angry at himself, everyone and everything, yeah, that's where am at. It's interesting how irrational people can get when they are sad, discouraged or failed. It makes me have a lot of respect for people who have attained some form of emotional maturity and understand when to express anger, how to express it and to whom. And most importantly, people who can let things go truly and honestly. How far can one live without this really.


  1. Lovely pants.x


  2. This whole look is perfection!!

  3. Different type of style. Looks very good and its look like tall jumpsuits