Thursday, 17 October 2013

Mill on the Exe

Knit: Zara || Heels: Anne Michelle || Skirt: some random store in America || Watch: Guess 

     It's that type of weather where it's cold enough to wear a sweater but not cold enough to be completely covered. you feel?
     Oh, let me rant about how busy my week has been. I've been sleeping in the library (not literally) just to get this weekend off. And i can't deny that it was obvious esp with my outfit choice. It does look like little/no effort had gone into putting it together. But i'm glad it looks good regardless.
     And i'm grateful that my friend quickly came up with a theme for the shoot. If you didn't realise, it's meant to look like a girl going on a very important date (usually she would want to look stunning but effortlessly chic, you wouldn't want to 'look' overly dressed really) and apparently eagerly waiting for her date. But okay, let me be realistic, a girl usually wouldn't be the first to arrive,  but well, let's just assume lol
    Oh, and mill on the Exe is such a beautiful restaurant, i particularly love the stunning sea side view. So peaceful & refreshing. I needed that break from my stressful week. You should go down there if you haven't already. Thank me later ;)

Lots & Lots of Love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx
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  1. baby girl so you were heels to class hmmmmm I like sha

    1. Loool, i wore that for the shoot, not to school.
      Thanks girlll :) xxx

  2. Where is your bag from?

    1. It's from A'gaci, i refrenced it my previous post x