Sunday, 6 October 2013

Good News!!!!

I'm happy that i can finally share some good news with you :))))
Thank God, I officially have my first feature in the Address: Journal for Fashion Criticism along with 4 other bloggers. You can read the full article Here. First ever feature, of course i'm excited.

-Secondly, I'm honestly not sure if to label the second a feature but apparently i was tagged in their style article and i was again tagged on their Instagram page. It's worth checking out too, feel free to read the full article Here 

Thirdly, i now have a column on the Exeter Fashion society blog and i will be turning in my first article for my column in a few hours. By God's grace, I hope to be able to update every fortnight. so keep checking Exeter Fashion society blog
Fourthly, total views so far, 8,556views. Happy days!! :)

Well, i have God to thank for everything, every single thing, i'm grateful it's becoming worthwhile. And thank you, yes you, for viewing, and to those that have subscribed and left their beautiful comments on one post or more, I honestly love you and i love reading your comments, they genuinely make my day.

Also, I know i promised a Giveaway when i had 2,500 views but i honestly was ashamed to go in on it, as it honestly felt like i had no genuine reasons to celebrate lol. But with the views now, i think i'm happy & confident to do one now. 
Please give me ideas on what you would like :)

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Have a blessed week :)

Lots & Lots of love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist
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  1. When I see a link to your blog on my timeline, I always click on it. You are beautiful and your outfits are fabulous! Keep it up!!

    1. Awww, thank you so much hun!!! i appreciate it! :))

  2. Well done Tosin! I love the blue coat in your feature.