Saturday, 12 October 2013

I learnt..

Hat: Topshop || Necklace: Zara || Skirt: Zara || Inner top: Topshop ||

As much as i've wanted to put these pictures up since it's sneak peak on my Instagram page, i've refrained from doing so because it kept looking like an outfit for winter. But as it's gotten that cold now, what better excuse can i have to upload them.

And Is anyone else reading this like me, when you really like an accessory you wear it till you wreck it? lol i'm sorry but you're going to be seeing alot of that shoe & hat, as i've seemed to have fallen in love with them.

       Also, by now you know that i love sharing some lessons & inspirations with you guys. Yesterday my devotion was partly on the story of Tamar. (If you don't know it, feel free to google 2 Samuel 13 1-14) I was indeed very furious after reading it, because this was the case of an innocent girl being raped by her half brother and she having to live as a desolate woman with her biological brother for the better part of her life. I began to question alot of things after reading it, but why would God allow that? but she didn't even deserve it? etc
It was then an inspiration came to me, God reminded me of two incidents in which i didn't deserve what i got. And it was then he made me realise, life is not a bed of roses for both believers & non-believers. And Jesus never promised for once that it will be, but what he did promise his own was that he wouldn't allow the devil tempt them more than their strength can bear. He promised the strength to overcome and if we trust him long enough, he promised to make EVERYTHING, i.e what we consider our problems, mistakes, pain, challenges etc work together for our good.
Yes, it hurts, but many atimes God requires us to trust him beyond what our feelings allow.

God Inspired.

Lots & Lots of Love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx

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  1. The world should always realise that God has given us our free-will to decide what we think is best for us. As the Omniscient (All-Knowing) HE knows what decision we would make but does not interfere with our decision except we invite HIM to be a part of the our decision making process. Therefore Tamar's unfortunate incident cannot be pinned on GOD.

    1. true uzo, i couldn't agree more and i see where you're coming from. but the argument we often battle within ourselves really is why God would allow such things to people who didn't 'choose' those things. Tamar for instance didn't choose to get raped, she probably didn't even see it coming, it was just an unfortunate incident that befall her.
      But i think that is where he idea of asking for God's divine guidance, protection and help each day comes from. And knowing well that as long as we have faith & trust him even the seemingly bad experiences can somehow through his sovereignty work for our good.

  2. All well said.but the thing there is that before we experince a new day God knows all we will be passing trough and he has made options available to avert and to make it, we live and act according to options that God has placed in our front. The options we take are our decision and every dcision with consequence that's why (Proverbs 3 vs 6) acknowledge God in all your ways......... Before we make any decision lets seek Gods opinion cause he owns us. If Tamar had done that, who knows? Am not condemning