Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Winter is here!!

It's no news that winter is finally creeping in, we can all sadly feel the biting chills of it.
For many of us, it only means one thing, it's that time to invest in a quality yet fashionable winter coat. Trust me this can be a hassle, and the expeditious trends don't make it better. But as that's almost my job now (to analyse new trends & styles), i can spare you surfing the net all week or spending a hefty chunk of that student loan on buying a bad coat that you might have to wear up until June. 

So, below are some of the finest winter coat trends

1) Pink Coat- This has to be my favourite. I'm not a big fan of dull, gloomy coloured winter coats, i mean, isn't the weather gloomy enough?! I'm excited the pink coat is trending, as it's a bold & statement piece yet leaves you looking effortlessly chic. It's the easiest way to pull off that "i'm just naturally stunning and i don't need to try too hard" look.

                Ebay, £100                                           
                                                                                                        Zara £79.99

2)Parkers- They're a must have for every winer season. If you're thinking of investing in a long, trend lasting coat, parkers are the way forward. I doubt they will ever be out of trend especially for students. But i should throw in some caution, if you are not petite enough to look cute in them, i suggest you forget them and look up other winter coverings. I'm not even trying to throw shade at plump girls, as i myself i've restrained from buying them.

                 Boohoo, £45                                                      Miss self fridge, £79

3) Trench coats - Either for those perfect romantic evenings or adding a feminine & classy touch to the grunge styled ripped jeans, trench coats are the classics for every winter. 

(I'm sorry i promised to keep this post simply high street, but how can i talk on trench coats without referencing burberry? That would be plain rude) 

4) Leather Jacket - "Leather jackets are the holy grail of the fashion world, and quite frankly, go with literally everything"  I don't even think that quote is a hyperbole. As much as i can't guarantee that they will be able to keep you warm in January, Leather jackets are able to make even the simplest outfits look sophisticated & edgy.

(I love that karen miller leather jacket on Asos, so chic ...effortlessly chic!)

5)Boxy (tartan or checked) coats- Now, don't act like you weren't expecting this. Tartan tops, skirts, scarfs etc have littered our shops literally. It's no surprise that tartan patterned coat is one of the biggest trends this winter.

How gorgeous is this??

I'm glad that we have indeed been spolit with choice this winter :)

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Tosin xx

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