Thursday, 17 October 2013


 You're spoilt with choice today :)  
My friend spoke to me about writing a weekly article for the blog, which i thought was a really good idea. With the first piece which i find genuinely inspiring & real, i think i have no doubt i made a good decision. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did! :)

I need to heal, need to forgive, need to move on with my life. So for me this is more than a story this is a healing process; a process for all my wounds to heal and for me to finally leave the past in the past. I have been trying to heal for as long as I can remember now, but there have been so many obstacles in my life that have made this process long. I think about what I have been through and my heart cries for love, understanding and peace.

In my heart I know I need to be a better person, a better friend, a better wife, daughter, but most importantly a better mother. Deep down I know in order for me to do this I need to forgive those who have hurt me and move on with my life. The first stage of my healing process is acceptance. I need to accept all that has been done to me, and what I have done to others.
Second stage is adjustment. I need to adjust to my environment, I need to adjust to the life I created for myself and be happy. Thirdly I need to believe that I was put on this earth for something great. I need to believe that I am going to be a great person, nobody wants to believe thier main purpose in life is to suffer.
Building my self confidence is going to be a hard one but it's something I have to do if I ever want to survive. Lastly if it's not already obvious I need to forgive and also be forgived, because without forgiveness I can never defeat my demons and move on.
To be continued next week... come back :)

I find that it's a piece many people will be able to relate to, and I can't wait for the continuation next week :) I genuinely cannot understand why she would want to remain anonymous, like i told her 'her writing is worth claiming' to be honest, i'm not sure i write that well. lol

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  1. I really enjoyed reading that I agree forgiveness is a hard thing, learning to move on and let go of the past is something I always struggle with but your friend is right without forgiveness we can never defeat our demons.

    I look forward to next weeks post now following you hunny x

    Jess x x

    Feel free to check out my recent blog post <3

    1. Forgiveness gives us edge over our enemies, making us see through them and a view of our success. John F. Kennedy said those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.. To forgive is not easy but all the same we need to

  2. Awww, glad you liked it :) Xx
    I really like your blog as-well :))))