Thursday, 19 September 2013

London Fashion Week Day 2 (Finally met Kavita of shewearsfashion)

Hey Guys,
I'm blooming with so much excitement as i'm writing this. If you follow me on instagram (@tosinakande) you probably already know that i attended the day 2 of London Fashion week, last week. Like you would expect, it was an amazing first experience to say the least. To think the day had started off so roughly that it almost looked like i was going to skip the event.. i'm so grateful to God for encouraging me to go nonetheless.

I saw some of the craziest!!!! street-styles ever, and it almost looked like a 'gathering of lunatics' like my friend called it when he saw some of my pictures. But i loved it, every moment of it. I loved how everyone was free to express themselves in however crazy outfits they chose. Infact the crazier the outfits, the more publicity, photographs and love they got. Where else do you get that?! 

The show outside was also really nice, and i finally met Leomi Anderson, one of the models. I've always admired how young and talented she is. It's very easy to tell that she knows her shit and was specially built for the runway. They were also tons of other bloggers, fashion stylists, fashion designers and models there too. Oh! and Ellie Goulding came for a fashion show as-well, look the picture i got of her. Yup! i was that close lol
Right- Ellie Goulding

                                                                Leomi Anderson & I

I shouldn't bore you with long tales, but the highlight for me has to be finally meeting one of my all time favourite bloggers, the gorgeous Kavita of Shewearsfashion (the blogger that got styled by Rihanna in the rih for riverisland collection. Rings a bell now? ). That lady has an amazing personality, what?! and she's just as gorgeous as she looks in her blogposts. Spoke to her for a bit and she was so sweet. I was totally fangirling at that moment.

The Highlight of that night- has to be that she followed me on Instagram & Twitter. Like, I'm still blooming with so much joyyyyyyy. Like, I've watched, read her posts & admired her fashion sense from afar for a while now, it defiantly meant alot to have her following me now. Easily one of the best things that has happened to me in the history of my blogging. I love you kavita!!!!!! Just incase you're reading this too lol

(Gosh!!! see why i love Kavita!)

Well, find some of my favourite looks from the event below:

(That's the sneak peak of my outfit for London Fashion Week. More pictures & details in my next post, come back to check or simply subscribe ;) 

Okay guys, before i end this post, i want to say..
Thank you for constantly reading, for subscribing  & always leaving your beautiful comments. I peeped my total views this night, and saw 6,925 views. I'm honestly very happy, as i really only expected that much views after a year or so. It's only been 4months. Means a lot. Please come back again :)

Lots & Lots of Love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx