Sunday, 28 July 2013

It's all in the mind

I hate to always sound like a preacher, i'm not even worthy to. 
But last week for me was a paradigm shift. Let me explain. Is anyone like me reading this ; always too quick to label people. we've only met someone a couple of times, and we can already tell whether we're interested in being friends with them or not?  or by speaking to someone once, their mannerism etc give us imaginary ideas of what we think they are going to be like, and this forms the basis of our perception?
         Last week i had to meet three different people i had initially wrongly labelled, and it was an eye opener at how wrong my classifications could be. Not only were they really nice people but i even had so much to learn from them. 
  I won't claim that i get things right all the time, but what's important is atleast i'm putting effort towards perfection. And trying to stop labelling people too quickly, keeping an open mind is definitely one of those baby steps.
      Have a great week guys, and be sure to keep your mind open this week, meet new and very different people from yourself. You'd be surprised at how much you could learn :)x

Top & Hat: H&M || Skirt: River Island ||Accessories: River Island

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The Aspiring Sartorialist