Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Tribal Affair

Hey guys!
Hope you're well and having a good week?
Absolutely no long stories today. It is one of those perfect days when i randomly select an outfit, and without much hassle i liked it immediately and it sat on perfectly. And hello! few things are better than vibrant colours in July. When i was done dressing up, i picked up what has become one of my favorite scarfs, tied a few knots, and it made the outfit look more tribal. But to be honest, i did deliberately add the loop earrings and a few bangles to complete the whole tribal feel.
 Bless easy days like this! :)

"...we live for the easy days of summer"


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For those having a rough week, have a moment laughing at the last picture :)

Lots of love,
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx


  1. U are awesome...keep the good work up am loving it can I av ur autograph lol anyways am missing u....

    1. Loool,thank you!!! but who is this?