Thursday, 28 August 2014

Stripped pants!

Hey Beauts!

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Hey Beauts!
How are y'all doing? I'm feeling awfully comfortable in my stripped pants today. I must be honest in saying that i've had troubles styling them for the longest, i mean they give off this casual/ straight-from-the-bed feel, i doubted anyone would take me seriously.
Luckily, i randomly found this blouse which was  perfect for it after grudgingly re-arranging my wardrobe. And the pair of red shoes & bag? although wearing them was  last minute, i'm glad i added that extra pop of colour. I mean, red is always a good idea!

Now let's get philosophical..
 Although i had earlier written a page long article on dissatisfaction, and life goals, let's switch things up a bit. I read an article off a blog yesterday on being friends with someone who once dated someone you once dated. Got it? I in-turn sent the question to most of my friends. I loved the tons of different answers i got, and i loved how some got their creative juices flowing by bringing in different scenarios i had not even thought of "well.. was she the reason for the breakup?" "Have we both moved on now?" "do i still have feelings for that person we both dated?" lol etc.
I want to know what you think, can you be friends with someone who once dated someone you once dated, leave all your comments below, we don't judge people on here!

Lots & Lots of Love
The Aspiring Sartorialist xx
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