Sunday, 9 February 2014

Back at it again

Hat: Topshop || Top: China || Trousers: Topshop || Necklace &Rings: H&M and River Island ||

For as long as i can remember, i've wanted a good pair of joggers, as sadly, the ones i liked were either too big or just didn't fit right. I recently found this pair in the sales in Topshop for a bargain of 10pounds. Ridiculous! i know!! where do you get stuff like that?! And i love the fit.

Like i promised, i wanted to put up the Valentine's day look-book, but i figured it might be a bit too early, so next post perhaps.

         As i was trying hard to think of something to share this week, i randomly remembered something that happened during the christmas break. So let me share it.
More often than not, when i'm praying, you already know not to interrupt me, as you can be certain i wouldn't be giving you a reply. My goddaughter who couldn't see past her hunger kept tapping me on one of those occassions to ask if she could have some cookies, but seeing as i didn't give her a reply, she kept coming back to ask.
         As you can already guess, after a while, she went ahead and ate all of it. When i was done praying, i was just pissed as i couldn't understand how not having the cookies btw the minutes she found she was hungry and the time it would take to finish praying, was going to hurt so bad. For all she might know, i might not even be interested in her having them.
        As i was about to scold her, God quietly reminded me, that, it is exactly how we (including myself, sometimes) are with him. We demand immediate answers to our questions, requests,  etc. And while he's still trying to give us his best option, we impatiently think of him as too slow, and either pick the option that best suits us or that which we "think" he (God) might be likely to choose for us. What we forget is God loves us enough to give us immediate answers if the question/situation demands it. If he's taking his time, then it means we should be patient.
You can imagine how bad i felt, but to God that isn't more important than his desire to see us (me) change.

Have a productive week, and more importantly practising to be patient with God and even yourself x

Lots & Lots of Love
The Aspiring Sartorialist xx
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