Monday, 17 March 2014

Miss Afro-beauty 2014

I'm very excited to be posting this.
By now, it's no news the joy i get from knowing and observing young people, embracing their interests and passion and pursuing them wholeheartedly regardless of how conventional or not, it appears. It's even greater joy for me if i'm opportuned to be a part of this progress/movement.
In a nutshell, *drum-rolls* the Miss Afro-Beauty Pageant, A Miss England beauty pageant for people of colour, will be coming up on the 3rd of April, 2014 at More restaurant, Leicester. This is an opportunity for all young ladies that have dreamt, desired and aspired to contests like this, to take the bull by the horn.

Do you think you've got what it takes? or are you still contemplating? Don't let your nervousness get in the way, as you're just a click away from becoming the next Miss Afro-beauty England.
To apply-  Click Here, all the details are provided in the link.
To attend -Ticket prices & info are all provided in the link

I won't leave without saying a well-done to Miss Ruth Mukete,  and the whole Miss Afro-beauty team for idealising and planning for such a great show. The concept & vision behind the pageant, which is essentially to create a platform for young girls of the African and Caribbean descent to do more for themselves is impressive and enviable.

 Miss Ruth Mukete, who was Miss Leicestershire herself in 2013, and a finalist for Miss England in 2013, as since taken it upon herself to encourage and nurtue positive growth in young women and empower them to become what they've always dreamt of. I'm very proud of all she's achieved so far and even more excited for what's to come. And, I have no doubt that, the Miss-Afro beauty show is going to be a success, as all the buzz and hype about it has been positive, and the candidates registered so far, are all beautiful, passionate and very dedicated. I'm very excited myself, and don't be surprised when i show up, as i'm one of their many media partners. Whoop!  ;)

It's going to be a night of glamour, culture, networking, entertainment and empowerment.
What are you waiting for? Book your tickets Here and apply for the contest Here 

For more information, visit their website at
                           or email- /

Lots & Lots of Love
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