Tuesday, 15 April 2014


    Top & skirt: Topshop || Necklace: Zara || Bag: Dorothy Perkins || Shoes: Anne Michelle

Hey beautiful people,
Hope we're all having a productive day?

I've had this ridiculously long Topshop skirt for as long as i can remember, after just recently having it cut, i decided it would be perfect for this vintage, royal shoot, i had been long, looking forward to.
The floral camisole was again just perfect with the skirt, and for a blogger who doesn't use enough purses, i had to include my staple orange purse.

How has the past 3 weeks been for y'all? i know i've been absent, and although largely burdened by the workload i've had, i'm glad to have been able to do a bit more. Observed more, spoke less, had so many intellectually stimulating convo's i can't wait to share.

 I've of late been feeling corny about writing all i'm learning beneath these fashion posts, so i've decided that as it is important to still be able to share all i'm learning, inspirations, and all that good God stuff, for now, i'll be writing them on Bellanaija,  which in-fact is a much bigger platform. Yes criticism on a larger scale, but it is not more important than what i'll have to share. Feel free to read them. :-)

Lots of love
The Aspiring Sartorialist Xx
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