Thursday, 20 November 2014


I'm not sure how i discovered the swansea-hill, but it's fast becoming one of my favourite relaxing points in my new city. It's beautiful, so quiet, peaceful, with swans swimming all over, it's always so nice to have a break here from the very busy, bustling life in the city.

Hat: Topshop similar here || Skirt: Gift from my sistersimilar here || Shoes: Newlook similar here || Coat: Zara similar here

Contrary to what you may think, it wasn't particularly cold this day, so it was easy to pair my not-so-mini skirt, one of my favourites by the way (as it was a gift from my sister <3) with this awfully uncomfortable but beautiful boots from new look. My staple hat and Zara coat were the little extra's that made the look effortlessly classy.
*Links to similar items have been included, happy shopping :) xx

Now let's get philosophical..
I'm constantly learning how important it is to say at the very least, a prayer before setting out to do anything, regardless of how insignificant i consider it. This day, my friend couldn't get past her jokes of how 'sexy' my prayer was, she truthfully meant  'unnecessary'.
Now God has a sense of humor. Whilst totally dissatisfied with the pictures she was initially taking, a  random stranger i wouldn't have expected walked past. He directed us to these autumn leaves saying they look good in pictures and he knows for a fact as he's a photographer himself. Now not particularly sure why he would have cared enough to offer this information, we consented. Just looking at the pictures now, this undoubtedly made a huge difference. It's amazing how God makes the little things fall in place when we just trust him enough to commit everything in his hands.

Love you beauts!
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