Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Please do not ignore.

We all have our individual struggles, challenges, pains and heartbreaks, but what makes life worth living are the people who share their little light and love with us in those down moments. No body has it all, but nobody has too little to be of help to another. We can't help everybody to make it all easy, but we shouldn't undermine our abilities or how far helping just that one person could go. 

All i'm trying to say is this, there's a girl, whom i know very personally, her name is Chichi Analogbei. I've met different kinds of people, but very few have left the impression she's left on me. Very kind, high spirited, bubbly, nice, the kind of person anyone would want to be around. 

You can imagine how heart breaking it was when she contacted me about the loss of her breadwinner to cancer this year, which has resulted in her inability to continue to fund her education. She was right in her final year at the university of Leeds, and has now had to defer for another year to raise these funds. This is indeed very heartbreaking and no one ever prays for this kind of things. 

Please i beg you and urge everyone reading this to please donate, i don't care how little, to this cause. As of today, 26th May at 17:41pm, people as kind as yourself have helped raise £6,140 out of the required £10,500. Please even if it's a fiver (£5) that you'd normally splurge on coffee and cookies in Starbucks. If you can do more, please don't withhold. The Lord who sees your giving in secret would reward you greatly. And on behalf of chichi,  i want to say thank you so much to all the people that i've donated, or shared her Gofundme page so far, only God can bless you the way you deserve. And i pray that none of you would ever suffer losses in Jesus name.

Disclaimer: I don't normally do this, and you can be sure i know and i've met her personally. I have my integrity to protect and i wouldn't make this post if i wasn't sure it was real. 

Thank you for your donations.

God bless you 
The Aspiring sartorialist 
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  1. Thank you so much Tosin! I am grateful and may the good Lord bless you.

  2. Amen in Jesus name! Thank God dear xx