Thursday, 31 July 2014

The buzz is about David opkins!

Hello beautiful people,
I'm so excited and can't keep myself any longer from sharing this amazing talent with you. I mean, by now you already know how i regularly come at you with the new buzz, inspirations and young talents excelling in their fields, well today is no exception, we're all about 'David Opkins" in Lagos today!

The brain behind this amazing suede and velvet bow-ties for red carpet, corporate & dinner events is Akinyemi Opeoluwa. Whilst he just recently moved back to Nigeria from Manchester, Uk, i can't help but marvel at how much he's got planned already. First from his "David opkins" line are these gorgeous bow-ties. The quality is top-notch and i'm so impressed!. 
I mean, they look so good, even i will be getting one myself. Make sure to tell your brothers to tell their friends to tell their cousins to tell their boyfriends to get one too. When going for an event, it's the perfect accessory to give off that dapper look without looking like you've tried too hard.

What next do we expect from the line? I'm so sorry guys, i love you, but i can't even spill this one. You need to start following him yourself to find out. 
                                He's  Davidopkins on    -Instagram 
                                             Davidopkins    -Twitter

Need i say more? join the David Opkins bandwagon!! Now don't say i didn't tell you :)

Lot's and lot's of Love,
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