Sunday, 27 July 2014

Yes to bomber jacket in summer!

First things first, I'm sorry, my account had a few issues, so if you find that you were getting your updates in the spam, please do something about it now. Good news is, my account is back and running. 

Hat: Topshop || Bomber Jacket: River island || Vest: Zara || shoes: Dorothy pekins || Bag: Michael kors || Watch: Marc Jacobs || Necklace & bracelet: Aldo 

Hello beautiful people,
Hope you are all well? as always i'm sorry for my disappearance, and though i'm so tired as i'm typing this, i've decided that this blog needs to be updated finally today.

This oh-so dreamy & light river island bomber jacket has been one of my favourite items since i got it a couple of weeks back, with little regards to the fact that bomber jackets are so spring, i've worn this one too many times since then. Now that's exactly how you know i love something.
I've also paired it with this really fitted meant-to-be-maxi-skirt which i shamelessly bought 2 sizes smaller just to get this fit.
And of-course my staple hat. By now you already know that all the varying possibilities of head gears are so me. It also does complement the outfit nicely.

Now let's get philosophical...(the best part)
How has your break being? (based on the assumption that you're on break that is)
I've been up to a lot, thinking about it now, but that's not what this is about. All i've been learning boils down to this, we serve a God full of possibilities. You see, many times we're clouded by our judgements of what is, and consequently cannot see beyond, to the possibilities of what could be. I've had my moments too, trust me, but i've learnt that with God there are no limits. Why then are you still limiting yourself? The equation is this; all your fears < God. Your limits are only limiting because you've allowed them that way.

Lots & Lots of Love
The Aspiring Sartorialist
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